Cialis Pricing

Cialis, What Is It?

Cialis is the prescription used for treating the problems of maintaining and obtaining an erection, that is caused by a chemical that blocks the blood flow to the penis.

The Makers Of Cialis

The makes of Cialis are Eli Lilly and Company.

What Would You Use Cialis For?

Cialis is licensed in treating erectile dysfunction. The Cialis is used to block the chemicals that reverse the erection and then will allow the blood flow to the penis. The more blood that is in a penis will allow it to have an erection.

The Effects Of Cialis

With Cialis, the patient will be able to maintain and achieve their erection during they sexual intercourse, along with the ability to have a harder penis during the sexual intercourse. Many have experienced more frequent orgasms and so much more satisfaction with their enjoyment of intercourse.

Studies have shown that up to 78% of the patients that have taken Cialis have been able to have very successful intercourse with their partners. Cialis is also very effective with men who have variations of health problems.

How Long Does Cialis Take To Work?

Cialis can work in a matter of 30 minutes or up to an hour. But once it has started to work it can last for in incredible 36 hours.

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How You Take Cialis

This medication is in a pill form and can be taken as often as it is needed with plenty of water. But you shouldn't take it any more then one time a day but up to an hour before you have sexual intercourse. When taking Cialis you will need to make sure to take it with a full glass of water, and can be taken either without food or with it. As with any prescription you will need to continue the usage of Cialis in order for it to work.

The Dosage of Cialis

Cialis is like any other prescription, the doctor will determine the dose size by any medications or your current health conditions that you may have. Make sure you never change your dosage without the consent of your physician.

The Possible Side Effects

Just like any other prescription there are some side effects that may become possible. These would pertains to minor headaches, back pain, some indigestion, minor nasal congestion, some muscle, arm and leg pains, and even a little facial flushing. There have been a very small percentage of patients with these effects but they are still possible.

The more serious of the side effects by taking Cialis could be sudden death, a stroke or even a heart attack, but these tend to be in the cases that have already had previous conditions of cardiovascular disease.

There has also been a small amount of cases that have gotten the condition of NAION. This condition could lead to the patient loosing their vision in either both eyes or one eye. If this happens then you will need to get a hold of your doctor right away.

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